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National Grange Members Up in 2016

Originally Published in Good Day! Magazine

Published: February 2017

In one of the biggest announcements of the 150th Annual National Grange Convention, National Master Betsy Huber told the audience for her annual address that the Grange is growing and in the 2015-16 membership year, there was a net increase for the organization. 

“Today, at the beginning of our sesquicentennial celebration, I am proud to tell you that we have not only continued to thrive in our communities and as a national organization, but in our 2015-16 membership year, we can report a slow rising tide of interest that resulted in a net gain in members,” Huber said. “We have grown our membership, no by much, but enough to make up for the members that were called away.” 

Acknowledging that the Grange must still take membership recruitment seriously, Huber said the Grange membership is “a membership that on average gets older and fewer every year.” 

While the growth was small, Huber said that this growth symbolizes to the Grange community our relevance in today’s society. 


“Granges and Grange members are a vital part of the local community...” Huber said. “Today, we may have fewer members, and we may have fewer pieces of legislation we single-handedly shepherd to their final destination, but we are still very much a central force in lives of individuals where our community Granges exist and in the public sphere.” 

“We are still filled with amazing members who are the backbone of our Granges and their associated projects,” Huber said. “Members who are there every time the Grange hall is open.” 

In 2017, the National Grange will try a new approach to membership at the director level, creating several regional- level directors with one lead who will help coordinate messaging, approaches and training. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a regional membership director, contact Huber at or call the National Grange Office at (202) 628-3507 ext. 113. 

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